Current Projects in Development:

Lifestyle Brands:

-Whitetail Winetours - Bringing a unique and quality winery tour experience to a currently underserved consumer market.

-Whitetail Distillery Tours - Combining geographic culinary and small spirit distillery experiences into unique tours.

Web Products:

-Grabbr - Organizing what you save on your iPhone

-iOS shopping tracking app using optical character recognition

Consumer Products:

-Stirrables® – Revolutionary drink mix product and packaging (patent pending)

Philanthropic Projects: - Leveraging the social media networks of visitors of animal shelters to expand the current marketing presence and campaigns.  Goal: to get more animals to the right people while using zero dollars of the shelter budget.

- TMSG - Tell Me Something Good - Conference event in which local, diverse, grassroots stories of people doing good in their community are told in video and stage presentation format.  Local community members in attendance hear stories of good in the community and are inspired to do good in their own community.

-MoveforFood – Philanthropic venture that sponsors twice yearly food drive on college campuses during move out time.  Donates food and other items to local food banks and charities

Ideas or questions?  Email me:

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